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      Shaoyang wooden sky Furniture Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale enterprise specializing in the design, development, production and sales of solid wood furniture.  In order to achieve the goal of high quality, we are equipped with furniture production equipment at the front end of the world. Regardless of production capacity and production technology, we are at the international advanced level. Its design series products have high popularity in the same industry. The brand series products integrate the advantages of Chinese and Western culture in design, not only meet the emotional needs of Chinese traditional culture, but also fully reflect the avant-garde and innovative aesthetic needs of western culture, and gradually form a "stable and delicate" product style.
      The company has a large number of high-level development and design personnel. Due to the company's good reputation and excellent product quality. And adhering to the company's business philosophy: the same goal the same ideal common cause to develop our strategic partners. Product sales network throughout the country provinces and cities, convenient to pick up the nearest customers, replenishment. Quality creates the prosperity of life industry, wooden heaven and man shoulder the moral responsibility, in line with the entrepreneurial spirit of "down-to-earth, pursuit of perfection, determined innovation", with the concept of continuous development and strict management, along the road of quality and efficiency, we strive to make wooden heaven home as the leading enterprise of domestic solid wood furniture, and constantly impact the world brand.


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